Everyday Offerings

Breakfast, Salads, Subs & Wraps

Pre-made Dinners

Weekly scheduled meals to take home

Catering Menu

Great for hosting a party or event!



Breakfast Sandwiches
Choice of Bagel, English Muffin, or Biscuit
Egg and Cheese ($3.50)
Egg, Meat, and Cheese ($4.50)
Egg, Tomato, Pesto, and Cheese ($4.50)

Bagel with Cream Cheese or Butter ($2.79)

Griddled Muffin with Butter ($2.50)

Breakfast Burrito ($6.99)
Eggs, Cheese, Choice of Meat, Potatoes, Peppers and Onions

Breakfast Pizza ($9.24/$16.49)
Egg, Cheese, Choice of Meat or Veggie
Additional Toppings: Add $1.25 each (small) or $2.50 each (large)

Chowder of the Day

Clam Chowder ($2.99/5.99)
Haddock Chowder ($2.99/5.99)
Lobster Chowder ($3.99/7.99)


Buffalo Chicken ($7.99)
Chicken tossed in Buffalo Sauce with Romaine Lettuce, Tomato Slices, and Ranch Dressing

Thai Chicken ($7.99)
Chicken with Thai Peanut Sauce, Romaine Lettuce, Carrot, Red Onion, and Cucumber

Chicken Caesar ($7.99)
Chicken, Romaine Lettuce, Grated Parmesan, and Croutons tossed in Caesar Dressing

Hummus ($7.99)
Hummus, Romaine Lettuce, Cucumber, Red Onion, Green Peppers, Tomato

Falafel ($7.99)
Falafel with Lettuce, Tomato, Carrot, Cucumber, Red Onion, and Tzatziki

Cold Sandwiches

PB&J ($2.99)

Regular (Ham) or Veggie ($4.99/$5.99)
(Ham), American Cheese, Onion, Tomato, Green Peppers, Pickles, and Oil

Premium Italian ($6.49/$7.49)
Turkey, Salami, or Roast Beef, American Cheese, Onion, Tomato, Green Peppers, Pickles, and Oil

B.L.T. ($4.99/$5.99)
Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato with Mayo

Club ($7.99)
Ham, Turkey, Bacon, Tomato, Lettuce and Mayo on three slices of Toasted Bread

Tanker ($6.99/$7.99)
Turkey, Swiss Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, and Mayo

Chicken Salad, Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad, or Tuna Salad ($6.99/$7.99)
With choice of Veggies

Egg Salad ($4.49/$5.49)
With choice of Veggies

Crab Roll (Market Price)
6 oz. Crab Leg Meat with Mayo and Lettuce

Lobster Roll (Market Price)
¼ lb. of Lobster Meat with Mayo and Lettuce

Hot Sandwiches

Grilled Cheese ($2.99)

Meatball and Cheese ($6.99/$7.99)

Tuna Melt ($5.99/$6.99)
Tuna Salad with Tomatoes and Swiss cheese

Poorboy ($4.99/$5.99)
Richboy (add $1.00 for Pepperoni)
Toasted Ham, American Cheese, and Tomato with Mayo, Salt, and Pepper

Pulled Pork ($6.99/$7.99)
House Pulled Pork with Pickles and Coleslaw

Roast Beef Melt ($7.99)
Roast Beef with Tomatoes, Red Onion, Provolone Cheese, and Horseradish Mayo

Rachel ($7.99)
Sliced Turkey with Coleslaw, Swiss Cheese, and Thousand Island Dressing on Marbled Rye

Thanksgiving ($7.99)
Sliced Turkey with Stuffing, melted Cheddar Cheese, and Cranberry Sauce

Steak and Cheese ($6.99/$7.99)
Loaded ($1.00 extra) with Green Peppers, Onions, and Mushrooms


Pizza Toppings
Bacon, Ham, Sausage, Pepperoni, Salami, Chicken, Meatballs, Feta Cheese, Extra Cheese, Pesto, Green Pepper, Red/Yellow Onion, Mushroom, Black/Greek Olives, Tomato, Pineapple

Sauce Options
Red Sauce, Garlic Butter, Pesto, Barbecue Sauce

Cheesy Bread ($7.99)
Garlic Butter and Cheese

Cheese ($7.99/$13.99)
Choose any desired toppings! Add $1.25 each for a small, or $2.50 each for a large.

Who you Calling Chicken? (12.99/19.99)
Pesto with Chicken, Red Onion, and Tomato

The Garden of Eatin’ (11.99/17.99)
Green Peppers, Banana Peppers, Tomatoes, Onion, and Black Olives

Meat Me by the Dough (13.99/20.99)
Pepperoni, Sausage, Bacon, Ham

Swine ‘n’ Dine (12.99/18.99)
Pulled Pork, Red Onion, and Banana Peppers

Aloha Broha (11.99/17.99)
Pineapple, Pepperoni, Banana Peppers

Barbecue Chicken
Barbecue Sauce with Chicken, Red, Onion, Bacon

The Larry (Market Price)
Lobster, Garlic Butter, Mozzarella Cheese


Garden ($4.99/$5.99)
Romaine Lettuce, Tomato, Green Pepper, Cucumber, Red Onion, Black Olives

Chicken Caesar ($6.99/$7.99)
Chicken, Romaine Lettuce, Parmesan Cheese, Croutons

Greek ($6.99/$8.99)
Garden Salad with Greek Olives, Feta Cheese, and Banana Peppers

Antipasto ($6.99/$8.99)
Garden Salad with Ham, Salami, Provolone Cheese, Banana Peppers, and Greek Olives

Meat ($1.25)
Cheese ($1.00)
Tuna, Chicken, or Chicken Salad ($2.00)
Crab (Market)
Lobster (Market)

Pre-Made Dinners

Daily Dinner Menu

Monday: Meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes and Vegetables ($7.99)

Tuesday: Shepherd’s Pie ($5.99/$10.99)

Wednesday: Pulled Pork, Cheddar Cornbread and Coleslaw ($7.99)

Thursday: Chicken Pot Pie ($9.99) / ($19.99)

Friday: Crab Cake with a Fresh Salad ($12.99)

Saturday: Macaroni and Cheese (Plain $5.99/$10.99 or Lobster $15.99)

Sunday: Spaghetti and Meatballs ($7.99)

Catering Menu

Sandwich Platters

Finger Rolls, 6″ Subs, & Wraps 

  • Lobster or Crab Rolls
  • Italians (Veggie, Ham, Turkey, Salami)
  • Chicken, Egg, or Tuna Salad
  • Any Wrap Option (Cut in Halves or Thirds)


  • Lasagna
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Shepherds Pie
  • American Chop Suey


  • Coleslaw
  • Potato Salad
  • Pesto Pasta Salad
  • Pasta Salad

Baked Goods

Bread Loaves (Whole or Sliced)
Banana, Pumpkin, Chocolate, Cranberry Orange, Carrot Walnut

Pumpkin, Cranberry, or Plain Chocolate Chip; Peanut Butter; Raspberry Filled, Lemon, or Plain Sugar; Chocolate Crinkle; Molasses; Oatmeal Raisin

Cupcakes (available in half dozen increments)
Chocolate or Vanilla Cakes
Frosting: Chocolate, Vanilla, Peanut Butter, or Raspberry Butter Cream

Whoopie Pies (small & large)
Classic or Pumpkin

Walnut, Peanut Butter, or Cream Cheese Swirl

Muffins (available in half dozen increments)
Blueberry, Cranberry Orange, Banana Chocolate Chip, Morning Glory

To place a special order, please call us at 207-781-2128 or through email at robott1990@yahoo.com or marybethbachman@gmail.com

In order to properly meet your needs, we ask that you pre-order any special requests 72 hours in advance.  Thank you!